Wifi manager for 2 esp8266 at once

I have arduino uno hooked up with esp-01 and node mcu can i use wifi manager auto connect to set ssid and pass for both device at once ?

Can you explain more please? Are the ESP-01 and NodeMCU both connecting to different Wi-Fi networks?
What’s the purpose of having two WiFi devices?


No both esp has to connect to same wifi network whenever router is changed both these esp has to connect to new wifi network without hard coading for that we use WiFi Manager autoconnect in program my question is can these both esp’s wifi network can be changed using single IP address by entering ssid and pass only once in the web page? Reason for using arduino and nodemcu is because of nodemcu interrupt issue which is not found on arduino

This sounds like a very bizarre hardware setup to me. I’m sure there is a simpler/better solution.

I don’t think it’s possible to use WiFi manager for the ESP when it’s being used as an AT WiFi modem for an Arduino.
I guess it could be possible to get WiFi manager running on the NodeMCU to pass its stored credentials to the Arduino, assuming that you have some sort of communication system established between the two. But, if you were going to put that much effort into resolving this then switching to a different hardware setup would probably be a more efficient use of your time.

I would have thought it was the other way around - the Arduino has fewer useable interrupts than the NodeMCU. Is your issue that you’re getting “ISR not in IRAM” errors with the NodeMCU?


No, i dont get any errors i have resolved that ISR issue, i had uploaded AC dimmer program with blynk libraries once after i upload the device connect and disconnect repeatedly later on i installed older version of esp it came out fine but the light was flickering i tried many way’s still the problem persists…but if i use arduino the output is smooth without flickering this is why iam using arduino or is their a way where nodemcu can be used as wifi modeul for arduino?..only as WiFi using RX TX?