Wifi connection: system not run

hi, I hv problem when wifi not connected, all of my system didnt run.

my system is aquaponic system where hv some sensor that measure parameter such as light intensity, temperature, soil moisture, pH, etc.

so, how to make the whole system still run eventhough the wifi is not connected. im using esp8266 as wifi shield. hopefully u can help me to solve this problem. thanks!

Connection Management

do u hv some example how to use the connection management?


when i click the link of example on docs, its show the page is not found .

Docs, top of the page.

@Dmitriy There is a broken link in the Documents referring to the DIY shield connection example…


@alexanderisz You can also search around this forum for many other topics and probably even code referring to the various connection management methods. Use key words/phrases like Blynk.connect, Connection management, Run Blynk without WiFi , etc

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Thanks. Will check.


Thanks… Not sure if related to that link removal, but now all the Hyperlinks in the forum are black instead of green, again.

thanks for your suggestion…