Widgets on several sides

Hello community,
I want to use more widgets in my blynk app as allowed on one side.
My idea :
Is it possible to change between several token in the arduino mega when pressing a button for example?
In the arduino I use a flag that buffers the actual Status and runs different parts in my program including synchronizing arduino with the blynk Server with different token.

It means that I can create several Projects in the app and use different programs in the arduino.

Thanks for ideas

I guess it can be done, but I think it will require some interesting logic. You can connect/disconnect to Blynk projects with Blynk functions so if you add logic and multiple auth tokens it can be done. I’ve seen it here somewhere on the forum.

I think it is just better to wait for Tabs widget.

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What means tab Widgets ?? Is there any suggestion of realiziation nearly?


Have you tried Bridge Widget? There is an example sketch in the library with some information on how to use it