Widgets not working anymore

At home I have several ESP8266 with Blynk 2.0 for switching lights and things, automatically by time as well as manually.
Since a few days the manual part does not work anymore. That happens to some of the devices, but not all of them. Switching automatically still is working, but I am not able anymore to switch from my mobile phone by switch widgets. Resetting the devices helps, but only for a short time. Are there problems with the Blynk,virtualwrite function, or is there another reason?

Do all of your ESP8266’s have unique Auth tokens, or are you sharing the same token across multiple devices?


No, some use the same Auth token, as the devices must be placed on different spaces in and around the house. This worked well for years, but until this week…

This approach was always bad practice, and not how Blynk was designed to be used.

It seems that Blynk have now enforced the rule, preventing multiple devices that use the same Auth token to be connected at the same time.

More discussion on the subject here…


Is it possible to use several devices in one template then? Where each device takes care of a part of the data to be displayed in that template? I use several ESP‘s for controlling different parts of a template which is used for one subject (like for example different devices to control door 1 and door 2 and light of chickenhouse in template chickenhouse). I did that with the chickenhouse Auth token. Since the doors have substantial distance from each other it is more practical for me to use different devices than using one device and connect all by wires.

With Blynk 1.0 I did this by bridges but that does not exist anymore.

There are alternatives.
You could use Automations if they meet your use case, or the REST API, or Node-Red…