Widgets non-responsive after flashing board, eventually work

I’m using a Particle Photon with Blynk 0.3.2 (included libraries: blynk.h, BlynkSimpleParticle.h, SparkCorePolledTimer.h). I’m prototyping right now, so I’m doing a lot of quick code tweaks and reflashing the board. Almost 100% of the time after a reflash/reboot none of the widgets operate anymore. All of my widgets are via virtual pins: a mix of buttons, LEDs, and values.

Eventually I can get the widgets to start responding again, but I’m not sure what I’m doing (if anything) to recover as I’ve just been reflashing same code, resetting the board a few times, and/or restarting Blynk app until it does. I’ve tried just leaving it for a while, but recovery does not seem to be time sensitive. When it does comes back, everything works as expected until the next board restart.

What’s the best way to troubleshoot this further? I did remove all delay functions (except a 250ms one which is part of a relay toggle) to no effect. I can post the code if that’s helpful.


Hello, this is our bug. We will fix it in few hours. Sorry for inconveniences.

@gatorheel deployed fix. Could you please check if it works for you?

Yes, looks great now, widgets always working after board reset. Thanks for the quick fix!