Hey, I find it very hard for me to open a whole app just to push one button to switch light on. So i though, that it would be great if Blynk app got widget in iOS notification center. Just pull down and click the button. I hope you understand this idea :smiley:

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As for UX designer, who I am, the whole idea of switching the light through the app or overall from the phone is crazy :smile: However we all do it…

Notification center sounds interesting for sure, reducing the steps.

But what we all need to try to achieve , is to switch lights on without a button, phone or switch. We are in the :rocket:space era :slight_smile:

hahahah, yeah, I had switch that would switch on the light with clap of your hands :smiley: But that was way before Blynk or arduino. Guys, your work is amazing. I don`t even know how to thank you. Keep it up!

Switching on the light :grin: In my kitchen I would have a LED light which fades on by a PIR (motion detector) or Tablet I thougt “Hey, simple. ESP8266, PIR, LED and Mosfet. EASY!”. Then I found out, that 2,4GHz WLAN disturbs the PIR,… after a long way my Setup to switch automatically on the light in the Kitchen:

Arduino Nano with PIR sends “motion detectet” via 433MHz to an Arduino Mega. And the Mega sends via Blynk the command “Please fade light in” to an ESP8266 in the kitchen.

Ok… a bit strange… but a nice hobby and I have learned a lot. Initial Idea was to switch the LEDs on with a Tablet. And this is now possible. Tablet or PIR. Blynk is realy amazing!

Greetz, Bernd

While not quite as tidy as having a Blynk widget in notification center, there is a reasonable workaround. The IFTTT app allows you to run recipes with an iOS notification center widget, and it’s pretty simple to connect IFTTT to Blynk.

Just get the IFTTT app, create a new applet, and make the “THIS” trigger a button widget. For the “THAT” service, use the Maker Channel. Use the following settings, substituting your own Blynk token in the first line:

   URL: http://blynk-cloud.com:8080/YOUR_TOKEN/pin/V0
   Method: PUT
   Content Type: application/json
   Body: ["1"]    

Then, you’ll need to add a little bit of code to your sketch. Replace the placeholder subroutine “Do_Something();” with whatever action you need to happen (e.g. toggling a switch, changing a variable);

  int AlexaCommand = param.asInt();

  if (AlexaCommand){

It is not my intention to open an old thread but this would be a great feature. I am just curious if by any chance the blynk team is thinking about implementing this in the near future?

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For me this is the biggest feature. Its not pratical to open the app and click a button to open the garage door. Any improvments here?


@Hugo_Quadrado Please take note of the time date stamps before posting. This is a very old topic.

Apple dictates whether these types of options are allowed on iOS, not Blynk :wink:

I don’t use iOS, so search this forum to see it there is any recent info.