Widget - Web view

This would allow view content from other sources and provide means of intergration.
For example I have ElectricImp granny monitor which has a activity time line http://industrialinternet.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/ss_iphone_4.png that I would like to use along with Blynk or may be a Timeline Widget would b the solution!


Thanks @lawII
Awesome Idea!


I had exactly the same idea! I think Blynk platform would spread much faster allowing more crossplatform freedom.
Also if it’s possible to host the web view widgets on the blynk cloud servers it could cut timings between the user input and the device output.


i would like to ask for this as well.
even though it’s not a killer feature for the blynk ecosystem per se, as it would not go through the blynk servers and be mostly a client side widget alone, it would add a lot of value i think for people doing all kids of stuff and wanting to use the blynk app as once central point to control everything.
as we are all getting used with what blynk can and can’t do, as projects start getting more usable and mature, at least I keep finding myself wishing more and more to be able to show data from other sources within the blynk dashboard, some data that can’t fit into a value display or graph or stuff like that. for example, uses off the top of my head:

  • webcam/weather cam/babycam display with temp/humidity/graphs alongside
  • pov cam with joysticks for drone flying
  • rolling log of some server/app/device you are interested in and can’t display in something like lcd/terminal
  • show weather data or any other kind of data that has a specific format and you couldn’t really design generic widgets for, so chance of blynk supplying them would be close to nil

depending on usage, what it is used for could thereafter be implemented as separate widgets, but to be honest, instead of doing stuff like camera widget, that really does not fit within the scope of blynk as well, i think this would provide the perfect level of flexibility for people that want more from blynk that said scope and it should be fast to implement as well…