Widget vibrate or play music with an event

Hello Friends,

When will we have a widget with resources to vibrate when an event is sent to the smartphone? We already have the lcd , twitter , e- mail , push and other tools, all excellent .
Do you intend to implement something like that?

Blynk is the best at all! :wink:

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I’m not sure if this is what you are thinking about, but I have used these before:

This is a tiny 3VDC motor, with an “unbalanced” counter-weight attached to the shaft so that when it is running, it vibrates from the unbalanced weight.

Unfortunately, this is only available from The Shack “In Store” which means you need to find a Radio Shack still open, then head back to the parts drawers to see if any are left; all ‘components’ like the ones in the Drawers are EOL and if they have something, grab it now. I got 2 of the above, and they were 50% off, but I got the LAST 2 ever at that store!

You can treat it, LOGICALLY, as an LED, just as a Digital Output Pin. No need for PWM like for a Servo or for duty-cycling an LED.

BUT, this little guy draws 95mA max [you only get this high during the insurge of startup; it ‘runs’ at a lower current] BUT BUT this is WAY too much current for any of the Boards/uProcessors to drive directly!

Your options are: use a 2N2222 et al Transistor to drive it, use a micro-relay, current-limit it with an appropriate resistor, or I had some extra output buffers left in my design, so I used 6 leftover drivers I parallel’d up [6x20ma=120ma].

I have not tried current-limiting it, or PWM-ing it, but given the current it needs, this little guy will jump off the bench if not glued/secured down! You could programmatically adjust the “intensity”, but I found the best way to set the needed volume of sound it will make as it vibrates can be tempered by the material it is mounted to [e.g.: directly to a bakelite box wall in which there is lots of ‘echo chambers’ inside, or glued to a piece of padding glued to an enclosure housing].

With some of the smaller boards Blynk supports (like Adafruit Trinket or the ESP8266 (WiFi built-in), and a tiny button battery and this, you could make a small vibrating/buzzing Widget.

If this is not what you were looking for, then my Bad on my first Post.

Here are the details from the package of the RS Part:
Part# 273-0107 – call a Store and Ask. Their POS knows if they have one, but if it’s not in the right place, then it IS still in the store - just look through the other bins for ‘lazy stocking.’
“3VDC Micro Vibration Motor”
No-Load Speed: 16,000RPM +/- 15% (like 15% at 16K rpm matters ;)) - it MOVES!
3VDC, 95mA max

Measured with my calipers:
Motor Body length: 12.24mm/0.482"
Motor Shaft+Un-Balanced Counter-Weight: 4.55mm/0.179"
Cylindrical Diameter: 6.04mm/0.238"

-Grayson, W5ANM, Austin TX USA
BTW: Blynk Rocks - Good Job Team!