Widget vertical slider ... (flip axis) issue in case of reverse preset


@PeteKnight: I have not seen any new update yet. What I shared in my latest post is just to point directly to the issue so that @BlynkAndroidDev could move next to attack right one :). Thanks for your concern.



To check the beta build - you need to get to ‘join beta’ option on the Blynk app’s page in Play Store app and click on the button in that section, after that you will have access to latest beta build with current fix. In any way I’ll release 2.27.3 into public today or tomorrow.



@BlynkAndroidDev : Thank you so much for the info but I am really not aware there is an option like that located next to the app in the Play Store. I have just checked that I dont see it. Perhaps my one is Asus based android and its OS is customized that it does not have the option … dropped somewhere. Dont be worried as I am eager to see your update coming … ah I still have some coffee in the jar … let me to enjoy myself to wait for it :slight_smile: … again thank you so much.



One the phone… scroll to the bottom of the Blynk App page in the Play Store.

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@Gunner: I took time again to scroll down and up then down again … did not really see the beta switch button … at all. Then I notice there is a question asking me to try beta or similar one … then I accept … Google took me for a while saying that this procedure taking for few minutes … finally I was notified for a beta … done … tried the vertical slider already … it is so great … hey you really kicked me up … thank you so much. Yes thank you so much Alex @BlynkAndroidDev … thank you @PeteKnight … haha a nice dream ahead now.

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I’ve uploaded 2.27.3 production build with a fix to this bug. It should be available in several hours

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@BlynkAndroidDev: I updated an hour ago. Thank you so much.