Widget values reset to null when editing to configuration of widgets (existing and new) of tiles


Widget values reset to null when editing the configuration of widgets (existing and new) of tiles

This happens virtually every time I edit my tiles. For the life of me I can’t get a scenario that I can repeat. I’ll just put it out there as an issue in the hope someone has some ideas as to how the problems happens. Or how I might recreate a scenario that I can repeat.



Yes, known issue. No time yet to fix it.



Hi. Thanks for the feedback. For me it’s quite pain. I’m surprised it has not registered as a pain for others including the paying clients :). It would be nice to have it fixed soon like the old days before paying clients became the focus.



This is never a case for paying customers. They have a bit different flow.
Created ticket -




Is there an ETA for the fix?



Hi again @Dmitriy on this issue. It appears not to be fixed. I’m not sure why this is not more urgent to get fixed? If users are seriously using tiles and making regular develop changes then it must be a problem that widget values are reset. I have accumulator information I am losing on a regulare basis. Same question - is thete an eta for this fix?



Hello. Sorry, no time for it right now.



Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?



I don’t use tiles… i just don’t find them of any benefit and a bit confusing (but that is just me), and since the fonticide issue, what I had tested didn’t scale nicely… so I dropped them from my life :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you provide your sketch code and project QR, then perhaps others can load it up and test and compare it on their setup. However if it is a known issue, then all you can do is wait… :disappointed: Perhaps after they release the big Web Desktop thingy that are working on?

Meanwhile, are all your versions up to date? App, Library, Local Server if used - or try it if it is NOT used?,



Nice to chat again gunner. I use tiles to pull all my disparate projects together all into one interface. It’s much more usable to my mind than swapping from project to project.

I thought the whole tiles thing came out of a commercial requirement so that’s why I don’t understand why such a glaring bug is not being attended to like normal. Maybe its just me using it.

All my things are up to date. As @Dmitriy says its a known bug and I will just have to wait. Not that happy but then my contribution to the coffers is minimal. Although my contribution in the past to bugs and ideas has been of some help I believe.



I seem to recall that it was that way… and was probably fixed on the commercial side, but that is economics for ya… we are the “free” or very low cost home-developer/beta side, so any resulting fixes here will probably wait for their available time. There are many little glitches reported and all waiting Blynk developer attention, so you are not alone.

I guess I just don’t understand how they work… and they look too much like that failed Windows Mobile OS. I never liked the look of it (Windows mobile or Blynk tiles) either, all blocky and boring. Each to their own :stuck_out_tongue:



Yes in the early days us freeloaders got some good attention. Now I’m less likely to report stuff as I know it will be way down the list and not worth my time in crafting a description of the issue. I have some around home screen widgets which are causing me issues. Ho hum…

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About a possibly similar scenario… I have seen this total reset of a widgets settings with the Beta App and the image widget. It seems to occur the instant a non-beta App version is connected… not sure if it was even actively running or not before getting updated.

But the wiped out settings does seem to stem from the occasional inconsistency of App versions across my many devices as I run them… until they are all up to date. Perhaps something related in your case??



@Dmitriy. Reference to your comment above. Can you find time to fix it. It’s a real pain. I just added another tile and lost my server data from some of the other tiles. Thanks.



It is fixed. But requires deploy. We are waiting for some of libraries we are using to update as well.



@koaiwi should be fixed now.