Widget to read GPS Data from a phone

Would it be possible to have a widget which transfers GPS and accelerometer data from my phone to the arduino?
Can be a killer widget… :wink:
Just found blynk by searching in the web… playing around … installing the server on my privat net … and falled in love with blynk… :slight_smile:

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You can check the initial list of widgets here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/167134865/blynk-build-an-app-for-your-arduino-project-in-5-m/description

GPS and accelerometer are there of course :wink: And there will be more as we deliver this list!


Well done !!

is this going to happen? :frowning:

I checked the link, how can i install special widgets?

@Muhendis80 if your Android phone has the features like GPS etc the widgets will automatically be available in the app. If they are not there it’s because you don’t have the required hardware. If you have iOS then you will need to wait until the features become available.

This is a very old topic… Now all the available widgets are visible on your App, if you can’t see a widget, it is because it is not available for your device (i.e some phones may not have some of the sensors).