Widget terminal window

blynk iot cant find a terminal window widget in the web console to match the phone .
would be nice to be able to access and display received messages in web box on computer at blynk.
I currently webhook from satellite and AWS AI services to phone.
I have to switch to login on other services to view on computer.

Yeah. That’s in our plans.

that’s great… sooner than later be good as can’t move from legacy to new iot as use all communication via a terminal window on phones between gateway towers.

Terminal widget on the web is already implemented, will be released this week.


tested the terminal web and phone terminal windows
command on the phone “clr” will clear the terminal window
but will not clear the web console terminal window

The widget is still in beta, so you may face issues when using it.

Yeap. This is not yet done on the web. We’ll fix soon.