Widget Resize Images?

Will ever be a way we can Resize the widgets on the app?
let’s just say make only 2 buttons but we can resize the to fit the whole screen ,sometimes we are not to uses all of the pins from the hardware (in my case for my front door opener).

thank you

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Yes, we’ll do that at some point.

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I second the motion. For example, I would like to place two 2-axis joysticks side-by-side on my tablet panel to control a rover robot (longitudinal and turn) with the first, and a pan/tilt turret with the other. The only way that can be done is laying the two widgets side-by-side.
Also, I’d like to be able to layout the panel in portrait or landscape orientation.

But we thought about you :wink: You can place 2 joystick together and use your device in landscape mode. Check the settings for the turn on rotate switch. It should be on

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And how exactly to you get to the turn on rotate switch? I can’t find it anywhere…

Go to Joystick settings
Scroll down
Check if TILT switch is ON (it’s ON by default)
Exit settings

Press Play button
Rotate your device in landscape - yay! It’s working!

OK! Major facepalm! I had been looking at that option switch and wondering what is was there for… Consider myself officially embarrassed… 80)

For some reason, on my Android tablet, the option is OFF by default.

Lol. Glad you found it! We thought that it was obvious…we might use icons there

But it adds exploration theme to Blynk:) haha