Widget Map real time location

Hi there,

I saw in Blink docs that the real time location update for the Map widget isn’t yet implemented. (Map - Blynk Documentation)

Do you know when it will be implemented?

Actually I work on a GPS Tracker project and I must refresh the app every time I wish to know where the GPS Module is. That’s a little bit anoying :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

It’s a performance question. We might consider auto-refresh interval. But real-time is only available in White-Label plan

Hi Pavel,

Thanks for your answer.
I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean for White-Label plan. I’m French, sometimes it’s difficult to understand :grin:

I was talking about commercial solution with standalone branded apps and private server.

It doesn’t work with plus plan?

And what’s the price for white-label plan?


599/month :sob::sob::sob:

Any chance for real time to be implemented in the future in plus plan?

Hi Pavel, I was led to believe that Blynk would sometime next year support a smartphone GPS widget function similar to what old Blynk has now. I made the assumption that this would be accompanied by a matching Map widget (they are a matched pair) Is this not the case? I have already prototyped my device using a standalone GPS but I must have a realtime map widget or an equivalent wrapper for Apple or Google Maps for it to be a useful smartphone app.
As @tchao57 and I have stated, these are key capabilities that Blynk as a premier IoT platform must offer – at a price reasonable for small quantities of devices. Thanks again for a remarkably valuable platform…I am hopeful I can continue with Blynk!

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sorry if it’s too later.
are there any solution for a free map widget now?