Widget lost (hope to get them back)

Hi all,
i recently joined this community and started using applications.
AI bought 1000 widgets and used no more than 15.
Now they are no longer available.
Each time i try to add an object (button,slider,whatever…) i’m told i’m out of energy
and should buy widgets…
Can anyone help ?
This happens with both my projects (code functions perfectly and smoothly so there’s no need to add it to this topic).
Here are system details:

android 8.0.0
library: v0.6.1
server: 0.41.5


I don’t fully understand…

I think you mean that you purchased 1,000 energy points? - If so, it’s not possible to only use 15 points?

Maybe screenshot your issue?

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Blynk energy purchases relate to the cloud servers only.
If you’re running a local server as your post states then you can allocate yourself as much energy as you wish.

If you don’t know how to do that then try using the forum’s search facility.


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Missed that, cheers @PeteKnight :crazy_face:


Hi i assume my project has been allocated to this server: (abstract from the mail sent with the authentication code):

Latest Blynk library -> https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/releases/download/v0.6.1/Blynk_Release_v0.6.1.zip

Latest Blynk server -> https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server/releases/download/v0.41.5/server-0.41.5.jar -

Here is the screenshot:

So I think you’re saying that you’re not running a local server, simply quoting the links that were in the automated email that was sent when you created your project, which is on one of the Blynk cloud servers?

When it comes to energy usage, you don’t buy widgets, you buy energy “points”. Different widgets cost different amounts of energy, as shown in the widget box:

A single button widget will cost 200 energy points, a joystick will cost 400 energy points.
If you’ve purchased an extra 1000 energy points this would allow you to use 5 button widgets in your project.

Energy is recycled when you remove the widgets from your project, so that you can reuse it (with the exception of the project sharing option, where the energy used to share a project is not recyclable).

It sounds like you need to buy more energy, or set-up a local Blynk server and allocate yourself as much energy as you want.



Now it’s clear. Thank you very much for clarifying.