Why Dashboard Widget not on Local server?

Why is the feature of dashboard widgets on android blocked with local server? I portforwarded my server so I could access it everywhere. What’s the reason this is blocked?

Certificates issue. However it could be fixed, but not a priority right now.

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I will look forward to this function. Is it possible to make a webstie shortcut with the http api? And how can I do this. I tried the api to change the value. But doesn’t seem to react.
Tried this:

@hutje it will react on the correct port. Try 80 and 8080 not 8442.

With port 80 I am forbidden. And I use 8080 with sabnzb but where can I see which port it uses? I can remember I probably changed the port.

Never mind found it. server.properties

This works. Only bit annoying it everytime opens a browsertab.

Any app that have widgets to send http requests from dashboard?

What syntax are you using for the url?

This works.

I was thinking of the full syntax for embedding in a web page but it looks like you were just looking for a website shortcut.

Yeah. I want to make my own dashboard widget

Http request shortcuts is a good app to make buttons on your homescreen to make shortcuts for your widgets.