Why Blynk needs virtual Pin

I’m newer, i made several projects by Blynk.But i can’t understand why i need VPin, i can get data or send data with the basic code,just like the Blink.ino
it seems that ,the vPin is only something like variable on the hardware.
i hope someone tell me the powerfull usage of vPins。
Thank you a lot!


They have many advantages. e.g. One (1) button widget linked to a digital pin can control that pin, but nothing else. However with virtual pins, that same button widget can now control multiple physical pins and/or functions, even across multiple devices.

That is correct, virtual pins are a form of variable, exclusively for Blynk control and data transfer operations between the App, Server, and Hardware.

Virtual pin is not a variable, it is a channel that can transfer multiple values at a time.
It is not a variable (a “state”). It is more like an event of change. You can then store it into variable if you want to use it later (this is just one option).
Another option is to handle the event and forget about the value itself. That’s why it’s more flexible. You don’t need to wait and monitor channels until something changes. You can handle changes as they come.

I know it is a Blynk invention, and not mine to define :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but as stated I think of it as * a form of variable… that is how I eventually got my head around to understanding them, Vx will always be Vx, but the content of the “box” that is Vx can be any value.

*In computer programming, a variable or scalar is a storage location paired with an associated symbolic name (an identifier), which contains some known or unknown quantity of information referred to as a value.

It’s just altetnative way of thinking. From the other point of view,.variable is a part of the “state of your program”.

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