Which widgets are more appropriate for my project

hardware icludes : Arduino UNO, 8266-01 Wifi Shield, HC-SR 04 Ultrasonic Sensor, DHT22 Temp and Hum Sensor,

Try to make a Blynk app for Android with Blynk server and Blynk Library

I try to make a app that shows liquid Tank level , temperature and humudity by using ( Displays: Gauge and Level V)

HELP - 1

I also want to send numeric values for tank height but I dont know which widget should I use (PLEASE HELP)
And could you share some simple codes about them or some links that teach me.

HELP - 2

I tried some codes but when I use delay command or a code write long lines couse ping to go very high and app respond late. is there a suggest to solve it.

Read these:


Thank you it helps a lot.
But can you tell which widget should I use to send numeric value like 200 from Blynk to Arduino uno. I heard numeric input has a bug . So I want to use string input and convert it to numetic. But I dont find how I can do that

I’d use the numeric input widget. What is the bug you’re experiencing?

Other options are the Step widgets or a Slider.


I croped this mesage but didnt find the link of it.

if numeric input widget works. I will use it. Is there a simle code for numeric input that I can try.

This is the topic you’re referring to:

I think the issue of each digit being sent as it was inputted (in the iOS version of the app) was fixed, but there are simple workarounds if not.
The links in that topic probably answer your other question too.


Thank you.

I also want to use NewPing Libarary for ultrasonic sensor. And this libarary uses the Timer2 interrupt of Arduino UNO. Do it cause problem if I use Blynk timers with it?
I mean if I use blynk and NewPing libarary same time do their timers

I’ve no idea. Have you tried searching the forum for NewPing and Timer2?

There are many examples of using Blynk with various ultrasonic sensors, mostly to calculate the water level in a tank, on the forum. That’s where I’d start if I were you.


Thank you for your time.

I want to try all codes on Blynk’s example code builder. But I didnt figure out
which codes belongs to which widgets. For example, which code belongs the numeric input?

The Sketch Builder examples are built around tasks rather than widgets, although the comments within the code explain what widgets to add to use the example.
The Numeric and Text input widgets are fairly new, and all of the Sketch Builder examples were written prior to their introduction, so you won’t find any examples for them.

The Virtual Pin Read example is probably as good as any to use with the Numeric Input widget. When you attached the widget to a virtual pin then the BLYNK_WRITE(vPin) call back will trigger automatically when the widget value changes. You can use the param.asInt() command to save the value from the widget into a variable (probably best to use a global variable rather than a local one).


Thank you .

You solved all my problems in one day.

I will share with you when I finish my work