Which pin will i use for sending my data from a hardware

which pin will i use for sending my data from a hardware. there is no virtual pin in a arduino. thanks in advance

Blynk invented Virtual pins and all the hardware they support has them. 32 virtual pins on low spec hardware like Arduino’s (numbered 0 to 31) and 128 for decent hardware like ESP’s (numbered 0 to 127).

which pin specifically in the arduino?? the analog or digital?

That will depend what hardware you are using but most “components” use digital pins.

Use the virtual pins to control the physical pins on the Arduino.

One virtual pin can control all your digital pins and some widgets only work with virtual pins.

Study the docs relating to virtual pins.

thanks bro i already made my project. GODBLESS

Example to turn on 3 LED’s attached to your Arduino (D4, D6 and D8) with a single Blynk button.

   int threeLEDs = param.asInt();
   if (threeLEDs == 1){
     digitalWrite(4, 1);
     digitalWrite(6, 1);
     digitalWrite(8, 1);
     digitalWrite(4, 0);
     digitalWrite(6, 0);
     digitalWrite(8, 0);

can i reset a widget monthly??

what do you mean by “reset a widget”?

Like resetting its data monthly??

@Alec_Adrian_de_Torre A Widget is a graphical element for receiving, displaying or actuating a state or information change to a pin: Digital, Analog or Virtual.

Depending on the Widget, that data can be changed manually or via the sketch at any time… milliseconds, seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, etc…

What do you mean by resetting, what type of data and why monthly? Can you clarify as I don’t think we understand your question.

With code you can put hardware on Mars.

if you tie the pin to SuperChart you can add code to your sketch to email you once a month to clear the data etc. The possibilities are endless.