Which hardware

I am thinking of buying a new hardware. Can anyone help me choose?

I have these choices in mind -

  • Raspberry Pi 3

  • Linkit one

  • Particle Photon

  • Intel Edison

I live in India and will most probably ship them from Either Adafruit or Sparkfun.

Do you have some ideas to implement? Or you want just to try something new? What about Wemos D1? I like it price and Wi-Fi onboard.

I want to board which is easy to code, has wifi onboard and can easily connect to blynk. I want to make IOT applications. @Dmitriy

Of course SparkFun Blynk Board! What else?! :wink:

Next choice would be Particle Photon, because I like pretty reliable OTA.

I love particle photon. They are easy to set up and I like being able to access and upload code and projects from any computer with an Internet connection using particles web Ide. I love their documentation as well. I also like the transition from wifi to cellular with the same footprint and layout I can actually just unplug a photon and plug in an electron and run the same program with cellular in a remote location. Can’t speak for the other platforms because I haven’t used them. I got stuck on particle :wink: Oh and I have blynk running on all of them


WeMos D1 Mini for me at less than $4.

Sounds Awesome. Can you give me links for sites from where I can order them?

Couldn’t find it on adafruit and sparkfun

any idea about esp8266 dev board? @slimfetz

I don’t know a lot about it. There are different versions of it I believe, but never used it.

I just find the ease of use on the photon superb. The in app set up is simple

you don’t code a board, you code code!

I think you missed the point. No problem

Yes, for me, missing the point is no problem…

@KAUSTUBHAGARWAL the website for the WeMos (full size and Mini) is at http://www.wemos.cc/ with the forum at http://forum.wemos.cc/

The WeMos AliExpress store is at http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1331105

A version 2 was released about 2 months ago for the D1 Mini and I would recommend buying direct from the WeMos store on AliExpress as there are lots of copies around and some are version 1.