Which device disconnected?


When I have more than one hardware with the same project token and if I get a message “device disconnected” how do I know which one of my hardware is causing this message?

When your project is running, there should be a small “chip” like icon to the left of the square STOP button… when you click on it you will see all the assigned devices, and in there you should be able to tell which one is disconnected, assuming you have named them in a way that you can identify them.


Just use different tokens.

Opps, sorry… missed that :blush:

Just add each device into your project and they will get individual tokens… then you can see them all in the device status.

And as a bonus you can then add individual control and sensor readings to each device if you so need.

If you want them all to act as one, then you will need to make tags and link each device into the tag, then assign your widget to the tag.

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I am sorry that I displayed my ignorance…
I was still under the impression that I needed to use one single token per project.
Thank you for the information!