Where's LCD Widget on node-red websocket version?

I’ve upgraded my node-red to blynk websocket as recommended, but I can’t find LCD widget anymore on node-red dashboard ?

How can I send data to LCD as before ?



@tzapulica developed two different nodes for node-red.

one used websocket and that has no LCD widget , which support only local server.
and the Old node which no longer updated and this one that have the LCD widget on it.

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thanks, got it, exactly what I did, get both on node-red, what confused me is that the 1st is tagged as depreciated so I uninstalled it first time!

hi, i need to update the websockets one, soon i hope

btw, the websockets version does support cloud server without ssl,

@Pavel @Dmitriy i’ve been out of action for a while, any news on SSL cert on websockets?

@tzapulica working on it. Will try to get Let’s Crypt certs soon.

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I tested latest update to node-red-contrib-blynk-websockets which adds support for 128 virtual pins and it works great, hearing that support for SSL will be available soon is fantastic news.

Btw, simple mode lcd widget should work just fine with the write node in the current version

Hi, started using the websocket version. The nodes I tried works great from a Raspberry Pi :slight_smile: This includes writing to an LCD widget in simple mode.

Looking forward to the coming updates when tzapulica is ready.

Thanks for your work!


are the node-red versions still being developed?


For me everything i need is already working faultlessly in node-red-contrib-websockers however the only thing missing is support for SSL for blynk cloud which I was hopeing would have been addressed by the blynk team by now but unless I am wrong appears to have been put on the back burner.

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i thought ssl was sorted? maybe @Dmitriy can let us know.


Yes please let us know is SSL is working

@Dmitry Sorry to be a pest but could you give a definitive answer regarding if support for SSL for websockets is now available, response is needed to enable me to decide my next step.