Where to place code?

I’m a bit confused where to place code. What code should be placed in Void Loop? It seems most of Blynk code is in a Void xxx (). Any help to clear this up would be great or a link to explain this. Thanks!

Two lines of code, see PUSH DATA example.

two lines of code?, all push code on V# pins in Void xxx()

void loop()


That looks like 3 lines of code. Did you study PUSH DATA example?

Yes I did go over push Data example, and yes it has two lines of code. Are you saying no other code should be there? I have code in void myTimerEvent(), is this where all my code should be? Or in void myTimerEventx(). Thanks!

As a novice you are advised to keep loop() to 2 lines.

It depends what you want to do. If you had 2 sensors, one to be read every 10s and the other at 30s you would have 2 functions.

Provide more details of what you want to start off with in Blynk.

I think I got it! Two functions outside of the loop() if needed. Thanks for your help!