Where is the "blynk-ser.sh" on Mac?

Where is the “blynk-ser.sh” on Mac?

It’s not in ~/library/scripts or /library/scripts/

Per http://docs.blynk.cc/#hardware-set-ups-arduino-over-usb-no-shield

On linux it is ~/sketchbook/libraries/blynk…/scripts/
Should be the same on OS X

Not seeing such at all.

Found it buried deep…



sudo: blynk-ser.sh: command not found

Trying sudo sh blynk-ser.sh

Says I need http://www.xappsoftware.com/wordpress/2013/10/10/how-to-run-socat-on-mac-os-x/

But in following that I get half way down after issuing the first “make” command, the rest is not working and I am way above my head!

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Adding “sh” after “sudo” workout for me. Make sure you have Homebrew installed on your OS X.

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