Where are details of update

There is a new version of the APP out - came out a couple of days ago - where is the list of things that were added/changed? I’ve looked but cannot find such a list?

Description is present in google play and facebook. If you mean very detailed description (exactly bugs, enhancements, etc) we don’t have such.

Entirely up to you but it is fairly normal practice to keep in one place the changes made - i.e. additions and changes.

Google Play:

“With this update you can share “Apps” you made with family…”

How does that work - are you saying you’ve now made the Apps SYNC? You could always share with others- I run the App on two phones… what is new here is not at all clear?

“Some bugs were executed”

I assume you mean some bugs were eliminated… what bugs? How are developers supposed to know what’s been fixed?

Is that it? Nothing else new?

Don’t get me wrong - great product and I and others will be happy to pay for it when you are ready - but we need better information than this, surely?

Here is a brief description. Later we will make a video.

are you saying you’ve now made the Apps SYNC?

Yes (for android only for now, iOS on its way).

what is new here is not at all clear?

Now you can share your project in “view” mode. No need to give your credentials to anyone else. So you can edit project, your wife, for instance, can only press buttons/sliders, view data.

what bugs?

Battery consumption, photon hardware problem, pin mapping for some hardware etc. Indeed a lot of such fixes, but I’m not sure Blynkers are interested in it, so we don’t publish this.

Also just went to your blog. Here is some comments :

One page per “application”

We fixed that with multiple running project. Yes, switching is still not ideal. And it would be fixed. Not a priority at the moment.

Turn off the power to the end gadget using the BLYNK code and back on – it does not remember it’s original state – and the phone app can’t tell the state.

Now state is remembered (on server side). So we’re 1 step closer to resolve the issue.

If you give the app to your WIFE – the apps don’t yet stay in sync. They say they will fix this.

Done via “Sharing”.

Buttons etc show the “virtual” or “real” IO number you use

Fixed for sharing mode.

You have to press the RUN button a lot and you can edit stuff at any time – great for me but do I want a family member messing with this? No.

Done for sharing.

Thanks for that - I will do a new review soon.

Sharing… I think a more likely scenario is that the wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/flat mate will want to control things - are you saying they get view ONLY?

If so? If my wife logs in - will the SYNC still work? My first application is a central heating thermostat controller. It all works - but if my wife uses the APP with my login, will she see the same as me?

Yes. To be more specific - any interaction is possible, but they can’t add/remove/modify/move widgets, change their settings, stop/run project. They can just use it as you setup it for them.


You are the parent node, everyone else is a child node.

Parent node can modify, update, activate, stop,
childs can only use(view and control)

When any node make an action, all the nodes are updated

Right now child can use only one project. It’s a Beta version.

Child doesn’t need to login