When I turn on the project ios, the pin properties are deleted

Before the last update the blynk app android and ios(iphon7) worked very well. But when I turn on the project and push some button that I am using after the last update on ios, all the pin definitions are deleted and I can not redefine it.
Then I open the blynk app in android and repeat the pin definitions, but again when I open the blynk app on the ios, it is the same again. again and again!
I deleted the app and installed it again.
I turned off my iphone and turned it back on.

Hello. Could you please provide us with detailed steps starting from project creation?
Also do you use multi devices on Android?

No. I am using single device. I noticed something while working on the problem today. I could create a new account with the iPhone and create a project again, but my payment was on the other account.

So what about step to reproduce?

I am sorry… I forgot to write the end result.
I can add widget and adjust the properties of the project I created with the new account.
(The widget I created with my previous account, window that popped up to make pin definition was empty.)

So it works without problems
But I am afraid that the problem is later on with my new account. I also have to recharge the new account again.