When BLYNK OFFLINE can't continue the commands didn't Require internet

Hi guys
I am using NodeMCU and Blynk program
and i have manual control and Automatic control
when the internet stop , NodeMCU go offline and the problem NodeMCU NOT responding to manual control that doesn’t require internet and Automatic control
I want when device go offline it should continue automatic and didn’t stop


Control pump, lamp and fan automatically and manually

The device is two parts:

  1. Automatic control
  2. Manual control

Automatic control consists of :

  1. Soil Moisture sensor
  2. Humidity sensor
  3. Temperature sensor ( Humidity and Temperature is one sensor “DHT11”)
  4. Light sensor(LDR)

Manual control consists of :

  1. buttons via Wi-Fi (NodeMCU) in "Blynk"program (3 buttons for pump, fan and lamp)
  2. Buttons in the Device (3 buttons for pump, fan and lamp)


  1. Screen to display sensor readings (Oled spi).
  2. Display sensitivity readings on the "Blynk"program.
  3. Display the status of devices (pump, lamp and fan) on the Mobil through the "Blynk"program (a LED Widget) that appears illuminated when devices working.
  4. View the sensor readings chart on “Blynk”.

@Abdallah_Mamdouh: Have you checked this post about connetion handling already?
I you expect help it would be helpful if you could post your code …