When Blynk app is active?

If I have undestrood, even with a local server, the Blynk projects is running only when the Blynk app. is active or in background, if the Blynk app. is closed the server isn’t able to collect data from the hardware… it’s right?
In my situation I have the main project that collect data trough bridges from other projects, so… the main blynk project must be in run mode to collect data or can be, also, in stop mode?
In this way… if I use the eventor widget… what happens to the conditions whern te Blynk app. is closed?

if turn your phone off, Blynk magic still happens.

app must be in ‘play mode’ when you turn it off though…

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Great! this is “magic” :joy:
So… magic apart: :wink: technically this would mean that the Blynk app is only a client viewer/configurator, and almost all the works is done by the server, this is correct?

well, i am not a very technical person and rely on it being magic

but i never switch off my Raspberry Pi box - i think the magic is contained inside there…

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