Whats wrong with blynk server hardware port?

Hello everyone

I did not upgrade my blynk server since 0.30.1

Something went wrong with hardware port for blynk devices in new version…
0.36.5 did not read server.properties for hardware port))))
I cant rewrite all my sketches to chang the port in sources)))

Is there any solution to force use 8442 port in new blynk server version?

It was removed since 0.33.x version as i realize from git history)))

Here is some peace of blynk.log wich differ after run 0.30.1 an 36.5

22:18:18.489 INFO - Renaming of old reporting files started…
22:18:18.489 ERROR- Error renaming old reporting files.
java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1
at java.lang.String.substring(String.java:1967) ~[?:1.8.0_171]
at cc.blynk.server.core.dao.ReportingDao.renameOldReportingFiles(ReportingDao.java:348) ~[server-0.36.5-java8.jar:?]
at cc.blynk.server.Holder.(Holder.java:124) ~[server-0.36.5-java8.jar:?]
at cc.blynk.server.launcher.ServerLauncher.start(ServerLauncher.java:95) ~[server-0.36.5-java8.jar:?]
at cc.blynk.server.launcher.ServerLauncher.main(ServerLauncher.java:74) ~[server-0.36.5-java8.jar:?]
22:18:18.489 INFO - Renaming of old reporting files finished after 1 ms.
22:18:18.503 INFO - Using native epoll transport.

suppose that mean… that properties file is unread

Answering directly to your question: NOTHING is wrong. IT HAS MOVED. It is neither an Issue, nor an error. It has been discussed here dozens of times. Please use search :Important for local server users

Port mapping. It has been discussed too.

Sorry Pal, that i troubling you again, but my question is neither about android client connection, nor port mapping… Cause all my devices are inside my own network, inside nat…
The problem is with hardware connections: ESPS, rpis with node.js etc…

Believe me or not: I know what your problem is :slight_smile: Search - you will find an answer. The port 8442 IS NOT LISTENING ANYMORE.

Oh dear… such a crutch… IPTABLES loopback port forwarding from 8442 to 8080…
Well its becoming dagerus to use 8080… May be i shoud use letsencrypt for that!

Might be… It is more obvious to look at these at first. But in my logs it was clear, “they” were trying with 8442 too, so… It’s been changed because of blocking by different ISP’s - as was said…

This is another issue :slight_smile:.

What kind of issue???))) Dmitry?
I did not understad whats the STRING witch is out of range)))

@zara You don’t have to worry, unless you see missing data in your supercharts :slight_smile:

But i see em!!!
I use history graph before but now they were overriden by supercharts

Oops… now its norm with version 36.5… I think it was somekind of migrating trouble from 30.1 to 36.5

30.1 was released 25th January…:sweat_smile: update your local server more often and check announcements…

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