What's the longest you've had a Blynk project running?

My project stops communicating with the Blynk servers after about 4 days (give or take). I know my main loop() continues to run because I can see the status LED blink as designed. This means calls to Blynk.run() are being made regularly, but communication with the Blynk servers fails somehow. The app gives me the generic “your generic board has been disconnected”. I am using an Arduino MKR1000.

How long have your projects kept running non-stop?

Is the Blynk library designed to deal with connectivity problems if Blynk.run() calls are made?

Is there an API call I can make to determine if all is good with respect to Blynk? If the API gives me an indication there’s a problem, I’ll be able to trip the watchdog and restart everything.

I have 2 projects constantly running:

  1. Arduino Uno + Ethernet shield - 99.99% time online with no drops at all (only when internet goes down ) - running >8months

  2. Photon. - sometimes due to some interference it looses a connection in a burst. Reconnects quickly. Over >6months

Other than Blynk.run() in your main loop, do you make any API calls to keep things running smoothly?

I have more or less what Pavel has. Arduino + Ethernet which runs pretty good. I use BLYNK_CONNECTED to resend the Auth token to my bridge devices (all ESP01’s), but the ESP’s are really bad. Though I must admit I’m 99% sure the badness comes from Wifi interference in the neighborhood and has not much to do with Blynk. I’m waiting on a new (bad-ass expensive) accesspoint to see if that solves anything.

It’s very advisable to keep updating to latest stable library and, in case of local server, latest local server software. Changes come very quick and frequently :slight_smile:

My crude first attempt at a Blynk sketch on an Arduino Yun has dropped out like @gAtIOnTh 3 times so far; the longest up time was about 5 days.
The problem could be in my code, hardware or wi-fi; I just switch the Arduino off then on again and its good.

Using a Arduino Mega 2560 and ethernet via mobile router (cellular connection) I have had a project running for about a year now. I have had a few minor connection issues but for the most part it has been extremely reliable. It is in a vehicle so the project obviously moves with the vehicle and it still works great.

Good Luck with your project

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my ESP8266 projects dropped out a lot until i cleaned out the garbage in my code…

In my case, more than two months using an Arduino nano and the Esp8266 as shield. I stopped the project by myself.

I’ve had my ESP8266-based HVAC controller running for about 5 months, without issue. I’m pretty sure that will come to an end, and I’ll have to recompile the code when the .cc cloud server is turned off. :frowning2:

I have Blynk running on Particle Core and Photon. But frequently it drops connects. I have been tracking the particle cloud connection with IFTTT. It seems like never both Core and Photon drops at same time. This implies internet connection is good.

I am not really sure if the problem is with Blynk or with Particle cloud and firmware. I am still struggling to find it out.

Blynk with a Photon running an LED lighting system at home, in use now for over five months. Totally reliable and Im very happy with the system.
Initially I had connection problems and dropouts but the issue was my Internet Wifi settings. Solved by using a range of fixed IP addresses in the router for installed or static equipment, Main Computers, Printers, TVs, The Blynk Lighting etc and a range of IP dynamic addresses for iPads, Mobile Phones and a Guest network etc.

@Lichtsignaal , you wrote you use BLYNK_CONNECTED to resend Auth token to bridged ESP’s. Can you explain that a bit more in detail? I have a ESP via bridge connected to an Arduino Mega and after one or two days the “bridge connection” goes down. Then I reset the (master) Arduino Mega and all works well for one ore two days more.

Thanks in advance, Bernd

In this thread I have explained the issue a bit more in detail. [SOLVED] Bridge not reliable?

Yeah, I did that on advice of @vshymanskyy because I had the same issues. After I did that it kept working for extended periods. I think it resends the auth token everytime Blynk Mega reconnects to the server, but I’m not sure. I do know it works better with it :slight_smile:

@Lichtsignaal yes. Exactly. I’ll explain - the initial idea was to put token settings within Bridge widget on UI of App. So user just says “I want to connect project A with project B” via UI. So in that case you only need to :

WidgetBridge b1(V1);

But as we are very limited in resources we left it as it is. As UI is not what you can do for few hours :wink:. But some day…

I knew it, you guys are way ahead of your time, lol.

Ahm…sorry… Maybe I have bricks in my head. How do I detect on the Arduino Mega code that the bridge connection to the ESP is lost?

It’s more the connection from the Mega to the server. BLYNK_CONNECTED function does that for you :slight_smile: