What 's wrong in this code?

My device nodemcu - Esp8266-12 disconnects all the time .
What 's wrong in this code ?
If you have fire or leak gas it sends data to the Blynk

And Where is code =)?

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wrap your code by pressing this magic button (Backtick`) 3 times (before the code and after it):

This makes your code beautiful with highlighted syntax, like this:

//comment goes here
void helloWorld() {
   String message =  "hello" + "world";

You can also select the code and press </> button in the top menu:

Nothing suspicious… Are you sure problem in code? Not in ESP wiring? Usually most problems are there. Does simple sketch works stable without any logic? You may try simple sketch that sends ~2-3 virtual writes once a second if that disconnects your ESP that 99% problem in wiring/power supply for ESP.

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I checked the wire links are correct , when I put a simple design not fault occurs . I will test with another source . Even if the error occurs when using the Arduino + esp8266-01 using the library corrretas .

Pavel ou Dmitriy

This message when disconnects the nodemcu module esp8266-12 .

Inform know the reason?


@vshymanskyy do you have some ideas?