What might the sharing-feature cost?

Hi! I’m planning on using an ESP8266 for a christmasgift for my parents. I would like them both to be able to control it but I would like to know if I can afford the sharing-feature. Do you have any guess on how much it might end up costing? Will it be a one-time cost or will I have to pay per month? Will it be cheaper when sharing with fewer people?

Thanks in advance :smile:

We are aiming to keep subscribtion affordable but also making it possible to continue Blynk development.

It will be close to the price of cappuccino cup :coffee: per month and ~50% less when subscribing for the year.

What do you think about it?

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Sounds great! Very reasonable price and if it keeps your business running, even better! Though I have one more concern. Will there be one subscription per account or one subscription per shared dashboard? :smile:

Blynk Subscription will include:

  • Access to all the existing widgets + lifetime upgrades (every time we add new widget it will be instantly unlocked for you)
  • Unlimited amount of projects
  • 5 users per every project to share with. (it’s under consideration currently – can be changed )

You’ll also be able to add more users if needed for small extra.

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Perfect! Thanks for your help.


Have you considered two levels of subscription? For instance a “Builder” level and “User” level, possibly? For instance,
NanoPenguin’s parents (“User”) probably will not care about extra widgets/upgrades. They will simply use a project that he has built for them and will probably never care about altering the original project or have more then one project.

Whereas the “Builder” would be someone who would use all those additional features. Just a thought.


I thought only the one who share the dashboard will need a subscription and the others will only have to scan a QR-code, no matter if they are logged in or not. At least thats how I understood it from Pavels announcement.

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