What is the difference between "blynk.virtualWrite(1, val)" & "vPin1.write(val)"?

A smart garden with that I’m building with Node.js writes to some virtual pins every 5 mins. Im having a hard time understanding the difference between the following snippets of code:

EDIT: Would this post be better categorized as “Hardware and Blynk Libraries”?

var vPin1 = new blynk.VirtualPin(1);

// ...



// ...

blynk.virtualWrite(1, val)

I believe the main purpose in this use of variables is to make your code a bit easier to read, based on your choice of variable name such as var doorLock = or var roomLight = (or var vPin1 = which is too generic :stuck_out_tongue: ) , vs trying to remember what the (1) AKA vPin1 is used for in blynk.virtualWrite(1, val)

ok so aside from that, blynk.virtualWrite(pin, val) will behave the same?