What is maximum no. of switch can be use in Blynk 2.0 Free version


Need to know why, when I assign more that 7 switches to blynk, my Arduino won’t connect to blynk server.

Please help.

There are limits to how many widgets you can use per template, but you are warned about this when you add the widget - it shouldn’t prevent your device from connecting.

Are you using digital datastreams?
Exactly what hardware are you using?



Thank you for your reply.

Yes I am using digital datastreams. I have assign 30 virtual pins into the Datastreams. I am using Arduino Mega. In my code I can only assign 7 output Vpin 22 to 28, If I add 29 and so on, I will not be able to connect to server.

I don’t understand, either you are using digital datastreams or virtual datastreams. You’ve said that yes, you are using digital datastreams, but then gone on to describe how you are using virtual datastreams.

Are you using a combination of both?


Sorry I mixed up. I actually using Virtual Datastreams.

I unable to post my code here. can advise me how to do so, please.

Copy the text, paste it into your post and put triple backticks on a separate line above and below your code.
Triple backticks look like this: