What if same device is used at multiple places with different smartphones

Hi, I have a doubt in my mind which may not be that interesting for most of you here, but still it is important for me to know. So, I am posting this question.

I have made a project, better to say a device for my room from which I can control all the appliances of my room. Now one day my uncle saw and wanted a same kind of thing for my his room also and requested me to make a same for him also if I can.

He is very close to me and I want make one for him also.

But the problem is he is a bit elderly person and not at all tech savy. So I thought of using the “My App” feature to share the QR code and use the blynk app with email id of my uncle and scan that qr code to control the appliances with the device I have made.

Now the problem is I have used all my 5 devices in the free plan, so I have to use the same dashboard I am using for myself for my uncle also using the QR code as I mentioned.

So, my question is, if he turns on a switch will it turn on the appliances of my room also and vice-versa ?

Thanks For Any Help In Advance

Sorry for Grammatical errors…

Forget about “my app”.

There was a recent discussion about the 5 device limit and many people said that it isn’t imposed. I use Blynk in a different way, so can’t really comment, but maybe you should try adding more devices.

If the limit is 5 per account then your simplest option is to create a new account for your uncle, add his devices to it, then if/when you want to sign-in to make changes to the app then you use his credentials. Multiple people can sign-in to the account with the same credentials.


But What if I want to make a startup of smart device, how will they be able to use it flawlessly?

Suppose I published the app made hundreds of devices someone bought it and all of them have esp32 with same auth code. Then what ?

If I do a business, I will not be able to go to each and everyone to make a new code for them…?

How will it work please explain in details.

Thanks in advance.

You can’t use the free version of Blynk (which is the version that is supported via this forum) for commercial purposes.
If you want to create a a commercial product then you’ll need to sign-up for a commercial plan. The cost and features of these are explained here:

Commercial plans have app publishing, dynamic provisioning etc as part of the deal.

For the scenario you described - one uncle who wants the same as you - then the solution I described is the best approach.