What do I need to do special to use Graph widget?

I saw that the floating point was fixed in latest git for esp8266, so I gave it a shot, and yes it works with the value and gauge widget, but nothing shows up on the graph widget. Is there a special call I need to do for that historical type of widget? I am just using virtualWrite()

are you using blynk on android?

Oh yes forgot to say, I’m using Android.

i have the same problem in using graph/mail/notification widgets on android. but the terminal widget works good for me. NO idea on this


sorry, but I didn’t understand what your problem is. Could you please clarify what is exactly not working for you in graph?

I just get no data that shows upon graph.


Please tell me what options for graph do you use (screenshot with graph setting will be ok). And small code piece that sending data to graph.

On code side just doing virtualWrite of float number to pin 2. On app side if I hook up same pin to guage shows up correctly.


You’re right. It is a bug. Thanks for reporting. I already fixed it. Next release is planned in next 3 days with bridge and joystick. For now you could make a temporary fix :

float f = 3.6;
int i = (int) f

Sorry for inconvenience.

@Dmitriy, will the release include updates to the Particle library as well?


sorry, what updates do you mean?

I am referring to the planned updates you mentioned.

Oh, I understood, yeap it will work with Particle as well as with other currently supported hardware.

@Dmitriy, understood but will the Particle git files be updated as well?

Indeed Particle source code already updated and ready for new widgets =).

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