What defines a BLYNK message counts from from server perspective

I run a local server and wanted to understand what BLYNK defines as a BLYNK message (i.e. what it counts as a BLYNK message) with respect to the below constraints e.g. a single message ANY function call to BLYNK from within your Microcontroller and App ? i.e. Blynk.xxxx where xxx is can write, virtualsync, virtualwrite etc.:

“If sending hundreds of requests is what you need for your product you may increase flood limit on local server and within Blynk library. For local server you need to change user.message.quota.limit property within server.properties file :”


“For library you need to change BLYNK_MSG_LIMIT property within BlynkConfig.h file :”

This will me understand how


Yeap, exactly.