WeMos is currently developing a board for the esp32

On the forum of WeMos, they are saying they are currently working on a WeMos board for the esp32, which has far more options than the esp8266.

I like WeMos because it’s cheap and really user friendly. I am looking forward to buy this board!

The esp32 had Wifi, Bluetooth, higher processing speed and more ram.

It is far more easier to make things wifi connected and bluetooth connected.
Turning a lamp on when comming into a specified area by reading the strength of the signal. This way you don’t need to turn the lights on when you enter the room or off when leaving the room.

I like to see your ideas and comming projects with the new esp32.

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This brings a smile to my face… thanks for sharing! Good to hear that WeMos is developing.

Wow this looks really interesting! And twelve analog inputs in unless I read that wrong! Kinda looks like the arduino mega of the esp world. I hope Blynk will develop support for it!

@vshymanskyy Have we requested a sample from Wemos?

New developments of the esp32.

WeMos is currently working on the WeMos LoLin32!

Wemos wants to merge 1 commit into espressif:master from wemos:master
And the specifications of the board:

+#ifndef Pins_Arduino_h
+#define Pins_Arduino_h
+#define NUM_DIGITAL_PINS        40
+#define NUM_ANALOG_INPUTS       18
+#define analogInputToDigitalPin(p)
+#define digitalPinToInterrupt(p)    (((p)<40)?(p):-1)
+#define digitalPinHasPWM(p)         (p < 34)
+#define LED_BUILTIN 2
+#define KEY_BUILTIN 0
+static const uint8_t SDA = 21;
+static const uint8_t SCL = 22;
+static const uint8_t SS    = 2;
+static const uint8_t MOSI  = 23;
+static const uint8_t MISO  = 19;
+static const uint8_t SCK   = 18;
+#endif /* Pins_Arduino_h */