Wemos d1 r2 can not connect my smarphonr to internet as an access point

Hello, i am acually a beginner in this arduio project and i need help.

how can wemos d1 r2 connect to internet and make other devices (such as smartphone) also connected to internet by this wemos d1 r2?
do we need another device like wifi shield or another?
or maybe there’s another way to only using wifi for both device (wemos and smartphone)?

Please help me, i really appreciate.
thank you.

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in simple: you connect WeMOS to Blynk via internet (WiFI) and your phone to Blynk via internet (WiFi or Cellular) then Blynk works.

with no internet - you need “local server”

thank you for that, but actually, i want this way :slight_smile:

  1. Wemos connect to WiFi (from some access point) to connect to blynk.
  2. after connected, Wemos become acces point
  3. Phone access WiFi from wemos to connect to internet

You need two Radio’s for that. The Wemos only has one. So you can either use it as an Access Device and connect to the Blynk cloud or use it as an Access Point to have it accept another device. And even besides that, if you connect your Phone to the Wemos, it cannot act as a router unless you go around and write your own firmware for that because you would be able to do routing and NATting at the very least (like a real router or modem).

Basically, you need two interfaces on your Wemos to do this and even than I doubt the Wemos has the power to compute as being a router :slight_smile:

oh so how about i am conecting wemos d1 r2 to ethernet shield ?
will the phone be able to access internet via this ethernet???

actually i am doing an iot project to lock/unlock the door between smartphone and wemos d1 r2 connected with relay modul. But to authentication the phone must be connected to internet so can send an authentication data to database, but since the wemos is the trigger to the phone sending authentication data, the phone will not able to using data cellular, because it is already choosing wemos as its connector.

Please if you have the other idea i will really apreciate.

No, your phone has not ethernet port, lol. The Wemos needs to connect via the Ethernet to the Internet and your Phone wireless to the Wemos, but your Phone can still not access the Internet that way.

I would suggest you do it the other way around, that would make for a mobile solution too. You can add a Bluetooth board to the Wemos and have that connect to your Phone and setup your phone to share it’s internet connection. I’m not sure about Bluetooth though. I don’t know of an MCU can connect to Blynk via Bluetooth.

thank you for your reply before…

no, i can not use bluetooth because it is already everywhere and my adviisor ask me to do it with wifi.
But now you explain that it is impossible for the phone to able connect to internet via wemos, what if …

the wemoss become access point and will receive message from phone then send it to the internet (let’s say via ethernet or wifi taht working.), can thath be happen?

sorry i am really beginner in all of this.

Well, technically it can, but the Wemos has to be a Router, it should route the network traffic and with it’s limited computing power I’d say that is nearly impossible (never say never…). I don’t think anyone has did this before, so I can’t tell you for sure, but you’d have to be a pretty good network engineer and programmer to get it done.

hum, thank you then for your reply and sugestion.

but i wonder, if … if this wemos can not connect other devices to connect to internet, why it has a function to be an access point, it is make me curious.

how about raspberry pi? if i change the whole hardware with raspberry pi for my project, what do you think? will it be pssible?

which bit do you need Blynk for?

With a Raspberry it’s definitely possible. That runs Linux and you can configure Linux pretty easy to be a NAT router. So there is no problem. Also, you can configure the Pi to be a local Blynk Server and client and the same time. It enhances your possibilities almost endlessly :slight_smile:

The reason the wemos can function as an Accesspoint is probably because the base chip (ESP) can do it. It’s a nifty way to couple your phone to your wemos and run a webserver on it or some other means of networking stuff, but you are correct in that it has its limits.

but i guess this raspi also need a devices to provides a WiFi right? like esp8266 for arduino ???

It depends what you want to do with it, if you want to combine it as an AP for your Phone, you need a Wifi stick for that and connect the Ethernet for Internet access, so yes.

But what I meant to say is, you can run a local instance of a Blynk server on the Pi and have the Pi (or anything else) connect to it as Blynk hardware client. It can double function for that.

maybe i can help u with that becoz nw my project in collag
im using wemos d1 as wifi repeater
first step
it conect with1st router
and gave me a new ssid that i intered
only brplm no internet
sory thats all i knew yet
becoz im still student.

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