Webhooks error

Hi, I have the next error, If a put the get in the browser and text enter it works but from Webhooks not works. The get is “http://blynk-cloud.com/dd008e11123f4c0f8aa22e9a89ddb24a/update/D2?value=0

I use iftt in combination with google assistent, I have any alternative to webhooks or I can fix the error ?

Because you’re using blynk-cloud.com in your URL, you’re probably running into GeoDNS problems.
Blynk has three cloud servers and your project only exists on one of them. When you paste the API call into your browser, it works because you’re hitting your local Blynk cloud server. The IFTTT server is probably on the other side of the world, so when it runs the API call it hits the wrong server and gets an Invalid Token message back.

The solution is to open a command prompt on your computer and ping Blynk-cloud.com. This will give you the IP address of your local Blynk cloud server and you then use this in your IFTTT recipe.

BTW, as you’ve now shared your Auth code on a public forum, anyone reading this can now control anything that’s attached to your Wemos D1 Mini, so you need to re-generate the Auth code for your device.



Thanks Pete. It works.