WebHook Unauthorized

There is a problem with the webhook.
There is an ip webcamera with a web interface. Authorization is established. I connect via blynk video stream like this: http://login:pass@xx.xx.xx.xx:80/video - it works. Accordingly, it does not work without a username and password.
There are also GET commands. I paste http://login:pass@xx.xx.xx.xx:80/cmd?zoom=10
into webhook and get 401 unauthorized error. At the same time, this is how it works with Chrome. And even with linux curl http://login:pass@xx.xx.xx.xx:80/cmd?zoom=10 works too.
What could be the problem?


In this thread I asked. You asked to create a new topic

Yes, and to provide the necessary information when you did.

Without knowing if the Blynk server is on the same network as the camera then it’s impossible to point you in the correct direction, but you seem reluctant to provide that information for some reason.


I am using the latest version of the application.
The server is installed in the cloud.
The fact is that if I disable authorization on the camera, then GET
the requests are working. But if you enable authorization, I get an authorization error message.
everything turns out well with the routes.

The latest version of the application is for use with the new version of Blynk (Blynk IoT) and that doesn’t have a webhook widget.