Webhook returns 0/1 instead of data

Thank you for your reply
I can see a reply in json Format in serial Monitor on arduino.cc but i dont know how to work with this data in my sketch or send it to blynk. Maybe my skills are to small.

Hi Dmitriy,

this is, what i get in serial monitor after sending “1” to the datastream (V31) defined for the webhook:

[79570] >vw[00]31[00]0[00]255[00]0[00]true
[79639] <[14|1E]a[00|07]vw[00]31[00]1
[79643] >[14|00]E[00|0A]
[79644] >vw[00]14[00|F0|9F|91|8D]
[79838] >[14|03|09|00]2
[79840] >validdate;precip_24h:mm[0A]2023-02-20T14:48:00Z;0.12[0A]

There are no error-messages in webhook if tested. How can i use the information i get in line [79840] for my arduino sketch ?

To trigger webhook i start V31 from automation.


Thank You!