Webhook Inititalstate.com

I wanted to use Inititalstate.com next to the Blynk app with my Arduino Yun.

So I’m using the webhook to send this data from a virtual pin. The virtual pin is updated every 5 seconds. (the initial state limit is max 3 per second)

The problem is that it posts 8 calls successfully and then stops. Is there a way to debug the webhook or does anyone have an idea about this problem.
(I’m using the public server)


You are spamming the server, read acceptable frequency of Blynk webhook (15s). This then locks you out for a predetermined amount of time.

What determines the webhook frequency? Is that every time the virtual pin that is used in the webhook get’s updated?

In simple terms yes. Every time you request data from a 3rd party site that a hit. No more than 1 hot every 15 seconds.

Actually 1 request per second as stated in docs:

NOTE : Blynk cloud has limitation for webhook widget - you are allowed to send only 1 request per second. You can change this on local server with webhooks.frequency.user.quota.limit. Please be very careful using webhooks, as many resources not capable to handle even 1 req/sec, so you may be banned on some of them. For example thingspeak allows to send 1 request per 15 seconds.

1 req per 15 sec is thingspeak limitation.

And Blynk email and notify, right?


Okay, so that should not be a reason for my problem. Could there be any other reason why it can only send a few post calls?

In the docs it says:

NOTE : Webhook widget may affect Blynk.syncAll() feature. As returned response from server may be big. So, please, be careful with it.

At the start of my sketch I use Blynk.syncAll(). Could that impact this?

From a browser how big is the json file you get from the url?

not sure: it’s an api end point:

plus a simple payload: {“key”:“temp”, “value”:“19,40”}

obviously the value “19,40” is replaced by “/pin/”

Should I use #define BLYNK_MAX_READBYTES 1024 to handle the response from initital state?