Webhook help

Hey guys!

I know peoplo talked about this subject but i am having thoubles with the web hook feature.

i have an arduino working with a sketch. One of the variables is a temperature sensor.

I have another arduino, connected via ethernet, in a remote location that needs to analyse the temperature and trigger an action if the temperature rich a certain value.

Can i send a value request to the arduino that reads the temperature without change the temperature sketch?

I would like it like this;

Arduino 1 - Reads the temperature.

Arduino 2 - Request via URL the value os the temperature to perform a task. Is web hook the thing i need?

I am trying to avoid bridge.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

@Flyingpeter Bridge is really the way to go but if you want to try the difficult route then you could do this:

Learn the API provided by OpenEnergyMonitor at https://emoncms.org to send the temperature from Arduino #1 to their server using Blynk’s webhook (we do it and it’s pretty straightforward). On Arduino #2 you should be able to use the same API to collect the data from the server with another Webhook widget (not something we have tried).

@Costas Thanks for your help!

I Will explain why i am using this method.

I have a couple of Blynk devices at home. My ideia is to have them not depending of each other.

For example:

Arduino 1 constantly reads internal temperature.

Arduino 2 requests temperature and do it’s stuff.

That way i am doing this is trying to dont build a gigatic spider web with lots of connections… Each arduino is self programed. If another arduino needs some info from another arduino just go there and grabs the info it needs.

I think this way it’s more “bullet proof”.

Arduino 2 does:
Blynk.VirtualWrite(V0, “http://myblynkserver/mytoken/get/myvariable”). the link its the http get of arduino 1 variable.

I only need this to open the link and save it as a variable.

I think i can do what you told me with domoticz as well.

Do you get my point?

Thanks again your help.

Yes Blynk to Blynk API should work but not like this on Arduino #2:

You need to go via the Webhook widget to have access to the required variable.

@Costas i dont understand what do i have to do.

I tryed in the .ino sketch… i tryed in the app… i cant make it work.

Any help you can provide? do you have any similar sketch i can have a look?


Study Blynk Webhook widget to GET variable from server.

I understand the principle but i can’t make it work. just dont understand why.

@Costas I will try another approach.

I will prepare all the arduinos to handle any data on request.


Arduino 2 says: Arduino X, give me this info…triggering a variable on Arduino X.

Arduino X answers Arduino 2 to the variable he wants.

This way i can bridge. on both of them.

Hey guys.

I’ve been exploring about my problem. I can bypass my problem with a script in my raspberrypi.

Can i ask the developers why this feature is not recognized by blynk?

I would be so easy as… Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, http://blynkserver/token/get/V1) for example.

This way its much more versatile…

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