Webhook configuration

I need help with webhook widget configuration.

Only thing I need is for webhook to send http request like this:,toggle
(to my other [non blynk esp8266] in my local network)
this command works when I enter it to web browser so it is correct but I don’t know how to send it using webhook widget

my webhook configuration is:
pin: V4
CONTENT: text/plain
BODY: empty

I’ve tried other methods and content types with no luck

I call

void test()  // every 10 sec
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V4, 1);

@grabula have you changed server.properties from the default 15s minimum update frequency for Webhook to the 10s you are using?

Maybe also try encoding the url for the comma (,) to %2C

In V4 try printing the String response.

Hello. @grabula do you use Blynk Cloud or Local server? I ncase of Blynk cloud you have to use Global IP.

@Dmitriy based on the IP shown by the OP I’m assuming it’s a local server setup, or a complete networking novice.

It is not :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ve realised that this might be the reason just a moment ago (yes I use Blynk Cloud) but I did’t realise that http request originates from cloud server not from device (which is not obvious or impossible).

Anyway still no luck
I use global IP now, (opened and redirected port 80, again command works from browser using global IP)
also tried changing comma to %2C (it works in browser that way also)
and I run function every one minute to avoid flooding

BTW Is it correct way to print webhook response?

void test() // run every one minute
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V40, 1);

  String webhookdata = param.asStr();

@grabula set a button to call the webhook rather than the timer as you will be on the blacklist now for spamming the server at 10s intervals.