Webhook Access Blynk 2.0

Hi all,

Does anyone know how I can flick the webhook toggle button in the Roles and Permissions area? I am set as an Admin user but webhook as a default is not active. When I edit the roles and permissions and toggle the webhook button and try and save I get this error…


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

If you do a quick search you’ll find a discussion about Webhooks in Blynk 2.0


Thanks Pete,

I’m following this page here…it should be as simple as toggling a button in the roles and permissions area…

Webhooks - Blynk Documentation

It says “If you don’t see this section, this means you don’t have permissions to access the webhooks. Please contact your administrator for the access rights.”

I am the administrator and as a default this toggle switch is not active nor does it allow me to activate it…also can not apply this feature to staff or user level.

Any more ideas will be greatly appreciated.


As I said…


Thanks Pete,

@Dmitriy has also mentioned this in the same conversation a bit earlier…


Yes. If you read the full topic you’ll see that the functionality that you are trying to grant yourself access to is not what you are looking for. What you are looking for doesn’t exist yet.


when will it be available? with pro plus

Hi @Pavel and @Dmitriy, can we please have access to Web hooks before the promo period ends?

@GG07 the place for that comment was in the original topic on the subject, not in your own spin-off topic that you created because you didn’t search properly.