Web Hook Help - getting data

Arduino Mega, Ethernet shield
Blynk server

I use web hook on V41 to get info back from a website.

The command in a browser is:

In a browser if I enter this (xxxxx = 185), I do get the following response (echo):
“2020-09-08 15:09:16,2020-09-07 13:36:26”, (2 dates and time)

So I use web hook on pin V41

In the app:
Output V41
URL: “https://wasserij-perfect.be/getDateSafepay.php?customerId=/pin/

Method GET

Content type text/plain

(If I run test, the result is ok)

In the Arduino Mega sketch:

void setup()
String WebReceived;

void loop()

Serial.print(F("Received from web site: "));Serial.println(WebReceived);

but nothing is written to the serial port...

Another webhook in the same sketch on V40, which puts data to the server, but does not read data, works fine. All other Blynk functions work fine.

When you run it in a browser, how big (how many characters) is the data that is returned?


Thank for your fast help Peter. This is the string I receive:
“2020-09-08 15:09:16,2020-09-07 13:36:26”

The response from the web server is now shorter. The times are now in unixtime:
but I still get nothing

Can anybody help?