Way to have visual indication that Local server is Online and connected

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I have a local server hosted on Raspberry Pi Zero ;
3 Arduino board (Mega and Uno) connect to Local Server and NOT connected to internet to check moisture in ground and send alert when I am at farm (do not want to be online since we are far away from coverage)

I have some led program on Arduino board that show me if they are connected to server or not… actually, when not connected, relay ON that turn on alarm system LED that blynk hard… can’t miss it.

Now I would like to have some led in my building (where the server is) that display the connection of clients :
LED green when each board is Online and working / Red when not connected, but on the Raspberry Pi zero pins.

How can I do that… (I do not know anything about raspberry pi yet) would it be easier to install a Uno board by local server and receive connection state (kind of heart beat) from Local Server?

Thank you

Laval, Qc, Canada

if it were me… … (note: there are 50 ways to do it, this is just what i would do)

I would use this page to get some python tips

to write a script that check if the hardware was online using the api.
you can check if isHardwareConnected to find out about each project hardware status.
Here is an api primer i threw together a while back.

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