Want to create an ESP-01 based thermostat

Hi all,
I am completely new to all this but can solder and find my way around Arduino IDE a bit.

I am trying to create a project (maybe too ambitious!) that will use an esp 01 to read temperature (humidity is not so important) and set the desired temperature with the blynk interface.

Once the temperature is reached, send a signal to a second esp 01 with a relay that will turn the heating off.

Any ideas/code would be greatly appreciated!


You tagged this on to a 3 year old topic that seemed to do what you were looking for, but based on your question I’m guessing that you’re looking for something different.

It’s not a great idea to tag on to ancient threads, so I’ve moved your post to a thread of its own.


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You could start here.


Many thanks to you both!

Apologies for posting to an old thread, it was past my bedtime and didn’t check! (Free time for tinkering is a luxury with kids!)

The link looks exactly like what I need at first glance so I’ll delve into it and report back with how I’m getting on (hopefully in less than 3 years!)

The fact that I have two replies so swiftly helps me feel like I might even manage this!

Thanks again.

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