Want to add webpage access with blynk app

Hi, I have made my project using blunk app, that allows me to operate project over internet( using ESP8266 wifi module), however my question is, Is it possible that blynk app code also supports one webpage which also has same controls like blynk app has, if yes then How do I make changes in arduino code??

@Sdpatel14_14 if a “webpage” is a page controlled via the internet, there are many different ways but the easiest is to use Blynk’s HTTP API as this involves no changes to your Arduino code.

If you are wanting local control of a webpage this can also be done, but does require changes to your Arduino code.

The ESP8266 forum and the ESP82666 GitHub would be the place to find out how to mod your code if you are looking for local control of the ESP.

Hi thanks for your consideration, and yes I want to use my project over internet but Can you tell me what exactly kind of changes are needed becuse right now I am just adding a blynk app’s code in arduino code( which they email us once we create our app) but I have no idea how do I go further in my code for webpage access over internet??

The API is at http://docs.blynkapi.apiary.io/#